Should You Bring Your Own Bowling Ball?

There’s nothing wrong with being a casual bowler. You show up at the lanes, rent your shoes, grab some beverages and snacks, and pick out the first house bowling ball that fits your hand and feels close to the right weight. You bowl a few games and enjoy some fun and laughs with your friends and family. At the end of the day, you had a great time. After all, it’s not really the scores that matter. 

There is nothing wrong with any of that. Bowling is all about having fun, and every bowling alley has a large selection of house bowling balls to choose from, so equipment really isn’t an issue for the occasional player who enjoys the occasional game. BUT, there are a few reasons that you may want to consider upgrading to your very own bowling ball.

Convenience and Cleanliness

Having your own bowling ball is certainly more convenient. When you get to the bowling alley there is no reason to search the racks for the perfect ball. If it’s a particularly busy day, there may be less for you to choose from, and you could end up with a ball that isn’t the right fit. With your own ball, you can just start bowling without any unnecessary searching. With all that time you save, there will be more time for snacks and socializing!

Speaking of snacking, if you plan on enjoying chips, fries, a sandwich, or anything that you eat with your hands, you probably want your hands to be relatively clean. Unfortunately, the bowling alley can’t guarantee that the last person who used your house ball washed their own hands first. Using your own bowling ball can limit the amount of germs you com in contact with.

Performance and Consistency

Aside from germs and making your bowling outing slightly just a little easier, a personal bowling ball is nearly guaranteed to improve your game and help you to become a more consistent competitor. If you are using house balls when you bowl, you probably bowl with a different ball each time. Your always starting over from the beginning with a slightly different feel. It takes a little bit of time to get accustomed to a new ball.

With your own ball, it fits perfectly and you know how it feels. Muscle memory will help you to bowl more consistently and you eliminate the time it would take to get used to a new ball. Using your own ball rather than a house ball is likely to improve your game and the proper fit will make you more comfortable.

Whether you choose to use a house bowling ball or buy your own, don’t forget that bowling is meant to be competitive and fun. Parkway lanes has plenty of house balls for you to use when you’re here. We’ll see you soon at the lanes!