Why Bowling is Perfect for a First Date

If you’ve ever been on a first date, you’re probably familiar with the mixture of anxiety and excitement that comes with the possibility of a new relationship. First dates can be amazing and filled with witty conversation and tons of chemistry, or they can be boring or downright terrible. Of course, most people would prefer the first option and choosing the perfect place for your first date can make a huge difference in the success of the date and even your future relationship.

Take your date to the bowling alley

To ensure the perfect first date, we recommend the bowling alley. And no, it’s not just because we happen to be huge bowling fans. The bowling first date has proven itself again and again to be the first step to a fairytale romance. It’s science (not really).

First and foremost, bowling is FUN. Show your date that you’re cool, casual, and fun by suggesting the bowling alley. Doing an activity on your first date, rather than staring at each other uncomfortably across a dinner table or sitting in silence in a dark movie theater, is a great ice-breaker. Not to mention, you can show off your sweet bowling skills.

The bowling alley is also a great place to get to know your date better without having to ask a bunch of prying questions. You can learn everything you need to know about someone while playing. You find out if they’re hyper-competitive and if they can handle losing. You can get an idea about how they feel about kids by how they react to the families playing the next lane over. 

Perhaps most importantly, you get to see your date’s socks. You’re both going to have to change your shoes. If you agreed on bowling ahead of time and your date shows up with ugly socks with holes in them, it’s clear they don’t see you, or your first date, as an important priority. If you don’t like their socks, kindly thank for their time and inform them that you don’t think it’s going to work. 

Finally, the bowling alley offers much more than just playing a game and assessing each other’s socks. After assessing your level of compatibility through competition and ugly, rented shoes, you can eat, drink, and just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Sharing some tasty snacks and grabbing a beer is the best way to top off a game. Even better, stay and enjoy a fun event like music and dancing or karaoke. Parkway Lanes has events every weekend and we’d love for you to join us for your date or night out!