Ditch the Gym: Why Bowling is a Great Workout for Your Body and Mind

Typically when someone says they’re going to “work out,” you probably wouldn’t assume that they’re going bowling. But in reality, it could! Bowling actually offers a number of health benefits that many aren’t aware of. And with over 25% of Americans hitting the lanes each year, more and more kids and adults are seeing the benefits of playing. In case you haven’t heard, here’s seven ways that bowling is great exercise for your body and mind.

  1. Eye-Hand Coordination
    Throwing any object with the intent to hit a target requires concentration and technical strategy. The focus required to aim and hit 10 pins, nearly 60 feet away requires the type of focus that stimulates mental alertness (even more so than an NBA player shooting from half court which is only 47 feet away!). And coordination only improves with practice, so the more you bowl, the better it’ll be!
  2. Weight Loss/Burns Calories
    Cardio, really? It’s true! Although being restricted to a smaller area, the constant movement helps the average bowler walk up to 60 feet with every turn, which can add up to more than ½ a mile throughout 3-games. The result is burning anywhere from 175-300 calories an hour which is equivalent to jumping rope for 25 min (but WAY more fun).
  3. Muscle Toning and Strengthening
    Imagine walking around for an hour or two with an 12-16 pound weight in your hand. Add on all the repeated flexing, twisting, bending and stretching of pushing that weight down the lanes, and you’ve got yourself quite the workout. Your shoulders, arms, chests and legs are all involved; even just gripping the ball helps strengthens your hands. Here are some even more impressive numbers: if you’re using a 16 pound ball, like the average bowler does, you’ll be swinging a total of 864 pounds in a three-game series, which is more than ⅓ of a ton!
  4. Improved Flexibility & Balance
    Your strength aren’t the only thing benefiting from throwing a heavy ball repeatedly. That twisting, lunging and stretching all requires flexibility of your joints and muscles, as well as balance to remain stable and on target as you swing the weight with one arm. Even further, as you carry the extra weight with your upper body, your lower half is also working to offset the difference with improved stability and poster.
  5. Stress Relief & Socializing
    Did you know that approximately 2 million people across America socialize and play together in bowling leagues each week? No matter how old you are, bowling can help reduce stress and depression as you form new companionships with fellow players or spend time with old friends. Bowling is a simple game that gives friends a fun and competitive way to reduce stress levels, boost confidence and bond over a common interest.
  1. Reduced Risk of Disease
    A sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading factors of heart disease. If athletics or running has never really been your thing, bowling once a week or so is a fun and simple way to get moving, which is important to help your body use oxygen better. This improved circulation helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, while reducing the risk of stroke heart attacks, and diabetes. So instead of watching another movie on Netflix tonight, grab your friends for a fun game filled with health benefits! It’s a win, win!

So when motivation to hit the gym is low, try a new workout alternative that comes included with good friends and great memories!  Show us what you’ve got at Parkway Lanes!

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